Bio-Link is an Educational Support and Academic Enrichment program, functioning as a co-curricular program at Islamia College. 

At Bio-Link we use the latest EEG Educational Neuro-feedback Technology to train and primarily develop concentration skills, as well as other key cognitive areas. Concentration is a skill, we can train it!!

With concentration being a primary component in any learning process, Bio-Link coaches use specific, self regulated, neuro-feedback exercises to help students improve concentration, memory, information processing and executive functioning. Developing brain function on a neurological level through direct training, and in the process helping students become more efficient learners, with improved task performance.

When we are actively engaged in concentration, the brain emits a signal – an attention signature if you will, this signature is measured at a specific brainwave frequency. We use NASA developed EEG technology to measure this attention signature, namely the Play Attention Body Wave armband (EEG), see TIME Magazine, and We can now measure concentration, making it tangible and visible in real time. This high tech equipment allows learners to control our computer based exercises through self regulated brain activation alone! Our brain essentially becomes the mouse or joystick! These games/exercises not only teach us to improve focus, but also to ignore distractions, develop memory skills, finish tasks, and become more organized. Attention is now concrete and controllable. See our website for loads more 

Contact Details:

  • Clayton Coulson - 082 857 9807
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