On Saturday, 15 February 2019 our primary school will be hosting their annual fun walk from 8am until 2pm. Starting from the front of the masjid and ending at the Trevor Road entrance, bring all your friends and family and spend the morning with us. This is a major fundraiser for our school and funds go towards classroom resources.

There will also be lots of fun rides for kids such as the Jumping Star, go-karts, ladybug rides, fast swings and lots more. Food and snacks will be on sale as well as stalls selling locally made goods.

We look forward to seeing you all there!


Islamia College High School had the pleasure of well-known and established lawyers, Ighsaan Higgins and Faisal Bardien, to address our learners about the dangers of cyber bullying and the legal consequences that can follow based on the extremity of the situation.

An interactive and interesting talk, our learners had many questions about the legal side of cyber bullying. With technology being a big part of teenagers’ lives, it’s important to make them aware that their interactions on various social network platforms are far more deep rooted than they may expect. Mr Higgins mentioned that when a minor signs up to a social network, with their guardians not objecting, they enter a binding legal contract and bringing attention that their innocent teasing can become a legal issue.

In terms of the law, anyone can apply for a protection order against a bully and even minors can be sued, with assistance of their parents. One can also face up to 5 years of jail time if the issue is extremely serious after not finding a resolution when dealt  with internally. It’s vital to make students aware that they should always be mindful of what they post.

That being said, the internet and technology is not all bad and should be embraced since it is not going anywhere and only becoming more advanced. It all comes down to responsibility and awareness about social media and technology usage. Social media and the internet can be an excellent tool for learning technical skills,  social and political awareness and developing communication among many other things when used correctly. We thank Ighsaan Higgins and Faisal Bardien for coming to our school to shed light on this important topic and hope that it made a mark in the minds of everyone present at the talk.

An exciting and nail-biting time for all matriculants, results day was met with much anticipation. With a 97% pass rate and 96 subject distinctions in 2018, we are immensely proud of all of our students who put in the hard work that's needed to successfully champion a challenging school year and wish them well with the path they choose to follow. This doesn’t mean it’s come to the end of Islamia as our alumni family continues to grow, alhamdulilah. We also want to express a big shukran to the dedication of the teachers who put in a tremendous effort throughout the year to give our students the best possible academic experience.

Out of all the outstanding achievements from our matriculants, our top 10 students for 2018 has shown how deserving they are to be highlighted as their continuous effort and academic excellence is fittingly recognised and celebrated.

We look forward to seeing all of these young men and women become future leaders and visionaries, taking the Islamic principles and skills them them that they’ve been taught at Islamia with them into the world.

It’s that time of year again where we open up our doors to prospective students in grade 6 and 7 with their parents and take them on a guided tour around our campus coordinated by our prefects, viewing all of our facilities and meeting the principals. Our Head Boy and Head Girl will conduct a presentation which will give you some more insight as to why Islamia College is the right school for your child. See the poster below for more details and don't hesitate to contact us if you need any information.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Islamia Primary School celebrated their 25th Anniversary, highlighting the successes and pivotal role that the school has played in the muslim community. The night was enjoyed with a dinner and show stopping entertainment which fit the theme of the night, The Greatest Showman. The evening started off with speeches and a Qira, followed by a fire display, magic show and an interactive quiz. Not forgetting a delicious dinner, Waffle on a Stick and a coffee truck to accompany the evening’s entertainment.

Many current and ex-learners and ex-teachers joined the Islamia Family on the night who have all contributed into making Islamia what it is today. Having started in 1992, honorable Moulana Adam established the primary school to accompany the existing high school. After consultations with Mrs Najma Edries and Mrs Razack, the current deputy principal, the first grade 1 class was established and had 16 learners under the leadership of Mrs Fatima Dalwai. In 1995, Mrs Dilshaad Mowzer was appointed as principal of the primary school and has done a sterling job through her commitment and enthusiasm. In 2005, the primary school had moved to the campus in Rondebosch East from Johnstone Road where it had started.

Alongside Moulana, the late Haji Abdur Razack Osman, fondly known as Hajiesab, was a dedicated supporter of the institution. He served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for many years and it was through their efforts that the Primary School was started as well as all the other consultants who shared their expertise with the school.

The teachers must be applauded for their commitment to Islamia Primary and well as the support staff, Aunty Aziza and Aunty Firdouse, who have been part of the Islamia family since the days in Johnstone Road as well as the rest of the support staff and the encouraging parent body for their cooperation.